Selected High Potential Days

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A portfolio of high performing Expert Advisors opening positions according to a trading calendar that has been built by running backtests over more than 50 years of historical data.

The strenght: Thanks to a deep analysis, these Expert Advisors trades in days that are more likely to move towards a well statistically defined direction (Bull vs Bear days)

The risk: Trades are decorrelated and each Expert Advisor has passed stress tests, demo and live trading.

The performance: According to the theory of randomness, by trading randomly, the chance to win or lose is equal to 50%, by using High Potential Days strategy the chance to win rises to 66%.

More Information
Max drawdown -20.36%
1st yr avg gain 41%
Avg gain of 1 trade 0.49%
Risk for 1 trade 1.50%
Avg loss trade -1.03%
Avg profit trade 1.26%
# of Years 45
% of success 64.51%
Profit Factor 1.75
# of Trades 7537

General Description

The Expert Advisors run in all Brokers using Metatrader 4 platform with any amount of money (minimum suggested 1000$) and any account currency.

Strategy Description

This portfolio is composed by a plenty of Expert Advisors using 1 strategy:

  1. High Potential Days: trades in days that statistically are more likely to move towards a well statistically defined direction (Bull vs Bear days)

Position management

Selected Expert Advisors manage each trade by setting:

  1. one stop loss for each trade opened
  2. one take profit for each trade opened
  3. each Expert Advisor is able to learn from mistakes. It's able to register profit/losses and trade/stop trading in case of good/bad performance expected

Packet Description

The product is composed by:

  1. 30 Expert Advisors .ex4 format, that trade Forex, Commodities, Indices and Bonds
  2. 1 extra Expert Advisor loading all the previous 30 inside charts, to start trading immediately without any effort
  3. A readme.txt file containig the set of information to start trading with BTM Expert Advisors step by step
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