Selected Trends Birth Experts

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A portfolio of high performing Expert Advisors looking for the growth of a new trend and placing orders according to this strategy.

The strenght: By holding positions according to the trend developement, this strategy gives traders high returns risking a small amount of money.

The risk: Trades are decorrelated and each Expert Advisor has passed stress tests, demo and live trading.

The performance: Long lasting winning positions against short lasting losing ones ensure a high portfolio profit factor.

More Information
Max drawdown -18.29%
1st yr avg gain 27.21%
Avg gain of 1 trade 0.96%
Risk for 1 trade 1.50%
Avg loss trade -1.46%
Avg profit trade 2.75%
# of Years 41
% of success 52%
Profit Factor 1.58
# of Trades 1031

General Description

The Expert Advisors run in all Brokers using Metatrader 4 platform with any amount of money (minimum suggested 1000$) and any account currency.

Strategy Description

This portfolio is composed by a plenty of Expert Advisors using 1 strategy:

  1. Trends Birth: trades in favour of trend thanks to a signal showing the birth of a new market direction

Position management

Expert Advisors manage each trade by setting:

  1. one stop loss for each trade opened
  2. one take profit for each trade opened
  3. one trailing stop
  4. each Expert Advisor is able to learn from mistakes. It's able to register profit/losses and trade/stop trading in case of good/bad performance expected

Packet Description

The product is composed by:

  1. 9 Expert Advisors .ex4 format, that trade Forex, Commodities and Indices.
  2. 1 extra Expert Advisor loading all the previous 9 inside charts, to start trading immediately without any effort
  3. A readme.txt file containig the set of information to start trading with BTM Expert Advisors step by step
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